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We specialize in a holistic approach to your PT evaluation and treatment. Sports, Orthopedic, Chronic pain, Post-operative Rehab
Individualize treatment, highly skilled and experienced therapists

In-network with In Blue Cross Blue Shield, Mass General Brigham & Medicare.
NPI: 1558883371 

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself. On that journey of healing, we often find greater benefit with guidance. At Padme Physical Therapy, we offer compassionate care to ensure you are on your path of healing. Physical therapy can help people maintain, restore, and improve movement, activity, and functioning.  Returning to or finding more physical mobility can greatly increase your quality of life and potentially lead to a happier overall existence

In a physical therapy evaluation, your injury will be evaluated and diagnosed, and a plan of care will be created in order to return you to optimal, pain-free function.  Treatment may involve manual hands-on techniques, functional assessment, and treatments to get to the root of your issue. Your posture and body mechanics will be assessed and any mal-alignments and less than optimal movement patterns will be addressed. Through a prescribed program of therapeutic exercises and stretches to heighten your awareness, you can move into less pain and create the change your body is asking for.  Limitations can range anywhere from getting a good night sleep to lifting groceries, running, shoveling or lifting a kayak into the Charles.  

With a holistic approach to treatment, the therapists at Padme Physical Therapy are able to deliver a unique, individualized, skilled and compassionate experience of healing. Get in touch to learn about the services we provide. 

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What does PADME 

Padme is a sanskrit word that can be translated into "Lotus Flower."

The lotus flower in buddhists teachings can represent the human experience.  A lotus seed needs to be deeply imbedded in the deep dark mud at the bottom of the pond.  This stage can be seen as lonely, painful and difficult for the seed. Residing in the mud, the seed is able to germinate, break free and rise through the water to blossom at the surface, beautiful and unblemished by the mud.  

Without the mud- the tough times at the bottom of the pond- there would be no growth and no beautiful flower able to bask in the sunshine.

Nobody wants to be injured or in pain, but the experience can lead to great things.  Through injury we are able to learn about ourselves- our posture, our body mechanics, our perspective towards ourselves, our ability to change and heal.   

Our goal at Padme PT is to guide you through your process of healing to a point where you're grateful to have had the injury. Not only from an enjoyable experience in the clinic, but from gaining a greater understanding of yourself in the process. 

Lotus Flower
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Dedham, Massachusetts

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NPI: 1558883371

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