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Physical Therapist

Alicia Molloy is a physical therapist motivated to help others on their path of healing. After many years of helping people of all ages sort through their sports and orthopedic injuries in a traditional western approach with her training at Northeastern University in Boston, Alicia found that the techniques within the Tibetan yogic teachings allowed for not only a shift of focus in her own path of healing, but when shared with others, provided faster healing times and greater outcomes within the broader reach of both body and mind. Her treatment sessions are a fusion of western treatment protocols with the mindfulness, breathing and awareness techniques found within the yogic teachings. This shift in treatment style and improved outcomes led to the opening of Padme PT in 2017. Alicia also shares what she continues to learn through yoga classes, guided meditations, retreats and workshops to help others learn how to heal themselves.

When she's not teaching, she spends her time hiking, kayaking, and enjoying all that each day has to offer.

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We're now located on the corner of Pearl and High Street in Dedham Square.  Entrance is at 644 High Street.  Street parking is available.  There are also parking spots marked for Stil Studio in the 4 Pearl Street lot behind the building that can be used.  

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