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Alicia Molloy, physical therapist and founder of Padme Physical Therapy is motivated to assist and support patients on their path of healing. Completing her studies at Northeastern University in Boston, Alicia spent the earlier years of her career seeing an array of patients through the treatment of sports and orthopedic injuries with a research-based western medicine approach. After researching and experiencing first hand the benefits of healing through Tibetan yogic teachings, Alicia began incorporating these practices into treatment plans. This approach to care provides faster healing times and greater outcomes within both the body and mind of her patients. PT sessions with Alicia are a fusion of modern western treatment protocols with traditional healing techniques of mindfulness, breathing, awareness found within the yogic teachings. This enhanced treatment style and improved patient outcome inspired the opening of Padme PT in 2017. In addition to individualized care, Alicia offers healing through yoga classes, guided meditations, retreats, yoga teacher trainings and workshops to educate practitioners in how to heal themselves.

When she's not in the clinic teaching, the studio teaching, or recording online workshops, Alicia spends her time hiking, kayaking, playing tennis and enjoying the simple joys each day has to offer.

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We're now located on the corner of Pearl and High Street in Dedham Square.  Entrance is at 644 High Street.  Street parking is available.  There are also parking spots marked for Stil Studio in the 4 Pearl Street lot behind the building that can be used during your therapy session.  

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