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Invest in learning about yourself


2023 July 7-9th
Wilmington VT

Shared room lodging to Train in a Retreat setting 

Learn to teach HEALing Yoga

Topics include:
-The Mindset & Language of healing.
-How to avoid common injuries
-The Science of pain
-Moving beyond limitations
-HEALing Yoga class sequence

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Advanced techniques in HEALing Yoga

Topics include:
-The Healing of Sound
-The Fascial System Applied to Poses
-NeuroScience of pain
-Brain stimulation!
-Lymph Clearing

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Workshops: Services

FlUID HIPS: Injury Prevention 

Energy Barre, MA
July 29th 2023

HEALing-Yoga-logo (1)_edited.png

Learn about your hips & heal them

Topics include:
-Anatomy of the Hips
-How to avoid common injuries
-Common postural issues
-Freeing up the restrictions 

-Bring health back to your joints
-Using your yoga practice to bring health to your hips

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