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Yoga has the potential to heal.  In HEALing Yoga cuing and alignment is based on what is optimal for the individual instead of the broad spectrum of different bodies. Your body is unique, and the poses that work for your body are uniquely special. HEALing Yoga will help you listen to the cues of your own body in order to move into a place of healing.

HEALing Yoga is a slow flow vinyasa; a mindful class with an emphasis on alignment and self- awareness. Using the principles of Fluid Yoga, students will be guided with language to allow themselves to explore what needs deeper nurturing. HEALing yoga allows one to be aware and hear what their body is signaling, be able to interpret these signals mindfully, be willing to change and approach oneself with loving-kindness. HEALing yoga is an accessible practice for beginners, or students working with an injury.

HEALing Yoga offers group classes in person and virtual livestreams, workshops on anatomy and injury prevention, and yoga teacher trainings. HEALing yoga classes can be found in a variety of lengths both live and recorded in the Online Library on the Stil Studio website. To sign up for the upcoming HEALing Yoga Teacher Training, visit here: HEALing Yoga Teacher Training.

Practice at Home with Alicia

This 20 minute HEALing Yoga flow below with Alicia was crafted to be accessible to the beginner or someone dealing with an injury. The poses are basic with a strong focus on the breathing and meditative aspect of the practice. If done regularly, yoga allows for the ability to heal and transform.

HEALing Yoga: Our Clinic
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HEALing-Yoga-logo (1)_edited.png


with Alicia

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HEALing Yoga: Welcome
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